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Missing or Murdered Indigenous PeopleFor New Mexico and the Surrounding Regions

The Missing and Murdered Indigenous Peoples (MMIP) portal in New Mexico is a vital source of hope and support, addressing the critical issues of violence and disappearance in Indigenous communities. This initiative offers essential resources for families and friends seeking answers, highlighting a deep commitment to healing and justice.

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Whether you're seeking information, looking to contribute to the awareness of MMIP cases, or hoping to find leads in an ongoing search, your efforts are a valuable part of the collective endeavor to bring attention and resolution to these critical cases.

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About the Initiative

The Missing and Murdered Indigenous Peoples (MMIP) Portal for New Mexico is a dedicated online resource designed to address the crisis affecting Indigenous communities throughout the state. This portal serves as a central hub for information, advocacy, and support related to MMIP cases, providing a comprehensive database for reporting and searching for missing persons.

Our mission is to empower families, friends, and communities impacted by these tragedies through accessible, transparent, and sensitive resources. The portal also aims to raise awareness of the MMIP crisis, foster collaboration among law enforcement, community organizations, and the public, and advocate for systemic changes to prevent further injustices.

By bringing together data, personal stories, and resources for support and action, the MMIP Portal for New Mexico stands as a testament to the resilience of Indigenous communities and their allies in the pursuit of justice and healing. Together, we strive to honor the memory of the missing and murdered and to create a future where Indigenous peoples can live free from violence.

Attorney General Raul Torrez

New Mexico Department of Justice